Let’s face it: there are only a few people left in the world who don’t have any stress in their life. This is a factor that is affecting us both mentally and physically, and it looks like there might be a lot more to it than meets the eye.

The link between emotional distress and breast cancer

stress and cancerThere are a lot of women who have gone through some hard times and they have found themselves dealing with breast cancer. It may seem easy to link all the negative aspects of life to breast cancer, but the researchers still didn’t manage to find an explanation to why stress is related to cancer.

We also have to add that not all the people who have to deal with stress have to face cancer as well. It is possible that they manage to get rid of stress or they simply have a stronger organism that is able to fight back.

Immune system

There was a study conducted in 2008 that has been working with women under the age of 45. As a result the study found that those women who have two or more distressing events in their life were more prone to depression and they were also more likely to be affected by breast cancer.

Scientists say that stress affects the endocrine, nervous and immune system. In case you constantly have to deal with a lot of stress, this will weaken your immune system and so it will be easier for cancer to attack you. According to the study that has been conducted, the women who were more optimistic seemed to have an armor against breast cancer.

Stress is not all

In case we are thinking about the cause and effect relation between stress and cancer, the connection is still quite uncertain. Although there have been numerous studies conducted, there are so many different acting factors that it is very difficult to get a straightforward answer.

As an example, the people who are dealing with a lot of stress could be eating, smoking or drinking more, and so it is just natural that their chances of contacting cancer are higher. If you are stressed you may develop habits that are harmful for your health.

Finding the balance

We have to admit that stress is a normal part of our lives, and every person reacts to it differently based on the backgrounds, personalities and situations. In some cases stress could become a great motivational factor, while in other cases it could lead to health problems, like headaches, heart disease, diabetes, dental problems, obesity and ulcers.

Bottom line, the scientists are still not sure whether stress really causes cancer, but this result may not make you feel better. No matter what the truth might be, it is better to lower your stress level in order to improve your overall health and to make it possible for yourself to enjoy life as much as you can. Just try to keep on smiling and be optimistic.

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