foods that cause acneNo foods directly cause acne, but acne and diet go hand-in-hand. While acne is usually caused due to blood sugar problems, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, and oxidative stress, many foods disturb these conditions that result in acne. Food alone is not responsible for acne; lack of sleep, breathing polluted air, and stress also cause acne problems.  Simply cutting out certain foods from your diet will not eliminate acne, however, there are some foods that cause acne indirectly because they disturb certain levels in the body.  The following are foods that disturb these levels and can cause acne:

Eating too much fat:

Too much fat intake is a big cause of acne as it results in blood sugar problems. Imbalanced blood sugar levels result in too high or too low levels that cause hormonal problems. These hormonal problems result in increased sebum production and blocked pores that result in acne.

Dairy products:

Dairy products are a big cause of acne because of their high fats; cheese and ice cream are also the big causes of acne. These dairy products result in excess fats that cause acne.

The second reason is that milk come from pregnant cows that contain hormones. The enzymes present in the skin glands change these hormones into enzymes that transform them into dihydrotestosterone hormone. DHT increases sebum production that results in acne.

If digestion is not complete, it also results in many problems. Immune system gets infected that also affects white blood cells. This results in more inflammation and oxidative stress as a result causes acne.

Refined carbohydrates:

Grain and refined sugar is also a big cause of acne. Refined sugar contains no nutrients. To digest these sugars and grains, the body needs vitamins, enzymes, and minerals and it has to take them from its reserves. With time, such activity results in deficiencies of nutrients that result in acne.


Humans cannot digest grains just like they digest milk completely that result in allergic problems, more inflammation and oxidative stress, all these things result in acne.

Caffeine for pimples:

Caffeine is also one of the main causes of acne. Coffee, tea (black and green), chocolate, sodas, energy drinks, and some pain killers are some of the forms of caffeine that must be avoided. Caffeine stimulates the adrenalin glands to liberate stress hormones, which enhances your stress levels. Too much stress results in acne.

Caffeine also affects the sleep quality. Proper sleep is necessary to stay healthy and lack of sleep causes health decline and acne problems.

Processed foods:

Any food that comes from factory is bad for your skin. They are usually highly refined that makes them unable to digest that result in allergic reaction, inflammation, and eventually acne.


Acne is a problem of many people and they take lot of effort to reduce or remove acne. To cope with this problem, one should know the reasons of acne. There are some foods that cause acne indirectly because eating them results in disturbed sugar levels, inflammation, and oxidation stress that are causes of acne. Therefore, since acne and diet go hand-in-hand, such foods as stated above should be avoided.

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Aimee Sparker a health content writer and at present working with Nationwide Synergy Inc.NSI provides HGH Human Growth Hormone, Hormone Replacement Therapy and testosterone replacement therapy for low testosterone levels to restore hormonal balance in men and women. NSI helps people to feel young and strong.

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