A New Forum Opens Up For Indie Authors

indie authorsIndie authors now have a new online forum where they can meet other authors and find information about how to self publish an eBook, formatting books for Kindle Self Publishing, book printing services, eBook covers, and everything else that has to do with self published books.

Once upon a time, self publishing was considered taboo but when Amazon introduced their Kindle self publishing program, the market exploded with self published books.  Other booksellers, like Barnes & Noble, followed suit with their own programs for self publishing and the playing field was leveled for independent publishers.  Self publishing not only benefits authors, but readers as well.

With so many books being self published, readers can now choose for themselves what they want to read rather than relying on traditional publishing houses to pick and choose for them.  The options are endless and readers are devouring book after book and demanding more.  And Indie authors are happy to oblige.

Simply writing a book and self publishing it doesn’t mean an author will be successful.  It takes work to make a book successful and this is where the Indie Author Forum comes in.  Set up as an online community, authors will not only find information they need about publishing their own books, but will also have the opportunity to interact with other authors.  Sharing self publishing success stories, encouraging aspiring authors, offering tips and helpful information – this is what the community is all about!

Self publishing is here to stay and as more and more indie authors come onto the scene, sharing information and helping others to succeed helps to strengthen the industry.  There can never be “too many books” and with so many topics to write about – in fiction as well as non-fiction – there’s no chance that the market will ever be oversaturated.

Whether you’re an old hand at self publishing or new to the industry, be sure to check out the Indie Author Forum and become a part of the community.

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